DH Revision + UVA

Digital humanities refers to the making a project created by any department or discipline.  It is not restricted to traditional humanities, nor is it required to end.  Unlike a standard essay, a digital humanities project can continue to grow and expand long after its basics are completed.  A key part to the digital humanities is collaboration and accessibility.  Projects do not need to be individual creations, but benefit from working together to combine different perspectives and approaches.  It is an iterative and incremental process rather than the usual plan and complete type methodology.

When we entered the Scholars’ Lab today, our main idea had been revolved around the Cadaver Society.  We quickly decided that there would be insufficient information to use that as a topic and our backup option would hopefully turn out more successful.  To arrive at this conclusion, we had Lenny draw on the board for just a few minutes and realized that the Lee Chapel idea had many more connections and options than the Cadaver Society.  Without the use of some intense computer mumbo jumbo, we decided that our best option for our project would be pictures with various links around them giving access to the information we hope to find.  I would also like to add as much 3D as possible with a mini physical chapel to go along with it.

Focusing on Lee Chapel would not only give us potentially a lot more information, but also a tangible centerpiece to focus on.  We discussed pictures and floor plans as our foundation so we could analyze the significance of the location and the space around it.  Then we would build (no pun intended) on that with purpose and function.  While somewhat skeptic of getting into too much information, our final step would be adding in key events and speakers and the politics that go with them.  Too much information should be useful, however we’ll need to keep in mind that there is only so much time for the project and we’ll need a fairly small scope to start off with.  Some things we learned today that could help us stay on top of our design would be a project manager and a charter.  These both sound useful for a long term project, but with only a few weeks for our design, accomplishing whatever we can will probably be what we strive towards.  I can already tell that the agile strategy will come in handy before the end of next week.  We’re going to need to narrow our research question even further and choose which path we want to focus on which will take trial and error along with many iterations and increments before success.