How I became a cyborg

Creating our charter helped put this project in perspective.  We had originally planned on focusing on the Cadaver Society.  Then the design jam pushed us towards Lee Chapel.  We left UVA confident in Lee Chapel, but we really had no idea what specifically about it other than maybe the significance of the location or the architecture.  We met afterwards and came up with a pretty focused idea about Lee’s vision and how the chapel was at or around its creation and what it’s like now.  Actually writing down these sorts of ideas really helped solidify the direction we plan to head in.  For example, we want to have before and after pictures and all had a similar idea of how to present them.  We think a timeline of pictures would be perfect as well.  Today helped put down tangible goals that we can now begin to work towards.  I’m not totally convinced I’ve come up with all of the personal goals I’d like to accomplish yet, but after learning about the rest of the tools we will use, I should be able to flesh out the rest of the technical cyborg type things that I generally assume no one else understands, nor wants to hear about, such as HTML and CSS, 3D modeling, and just plain web design.

While I may be listed as the group cyborg, I think this’ll come in handy as well.  Now that we each have an idea of what needs to be done and how we can all contribute to it, we should make smoother progress.  With high hopes to make things clickable, I can try my best to only focus on that rather than other things such as putting together pictures for our gallery.  Specialized labor has been vital to humanity as a whole and it will certainly be key to our project in these few remaining weeks.  I was a bit intimidated as to the role of cyborg, however WordPress has proven easier for the rest of the group to figure out than for me and so it looks like I won’t need to help out with any small things leaving me available for the large ones.  By large ones, I’m probably referring to the flashy things that we don’t want on the website, but will definitely be really cool for the few seconds before having a seizure.  With a very efficient project manager, I’m confident that we will be able to accomplish a lot with our project.

We mentioned how websites need to look appealing and be easy to navigate and a bunch of other things.  I don’t think this will be much of a problem at all, but I don’t want to jinx it this early in production.  So far, our website looks engaging and we will be sticking with a simple theme and layout for the most part.  As of right now, there is plenty of space to put in advertisements and with 40 hits a day, we should be rich in no time.  In reality, the theme of our project lends itself to an attractive visualization so the success of our project goes hand-in-hand with a good looking website.  Providing us with example flashy websites that I strive to create was fun, but the rest of the group’s good taste in visuals will keep us on track and ultimately moving forward.