Project Management

Our group made a lot of progress today on our project.  The original brainstorming we did was an interesting experience for us because we met on Sunday and had already discussed the specifics of where we wanted to go with our project.  It was good, though, for us to talk about what “success” meant for our group—we decided that we wanted our project to have a meaning in the future and outside of this class.  For our site to be respected, it has to look professional, so that is a new and very important thing our group has been thinking about as we design our site.  As far as individual goals, we all wanted to gain skills in WordPress and other programs, and get some experience in blogging as opposed to normal academic writing.

In our charter, we successfully outlined the goals and core values our group wants to follow in the process of creating our project.  Amazingly enough, we all agreed on the major guidelines.  We also together came up with an effective way to keep one another accountable for our work—we will be individually updating a Google doc every other day, or as often as we make changes to our site, to log our individual contributions to the project.  This system has already proven to be very effective; in the work we have done this afternoon and this evening, it has helped us track the changes that have been made and the work that has been done by each individual. We also decided that given the increasingly large presence of social media today, it is important for our site to have a Twitter handle, so we created one under the name @lee_chapel.  Finally, we assigned individual roles in our charter for each member of our group.  This will allow us to delegate tasks more efficiently and have a clearer picture of the individual responsibilities for our site in the coming weeks.

As the project manager for our group, I have begun to delegate responsibilities and oversee our project as a whole.  There have already been a few times that I have had to say no to the ideas of group members, and I expect there to be many more of these.  The job of project manager will force me to think ahead in our project and to make decisions as to whether or not an idea is realistic.  Our group has made tremendous progress today, and I think we are in a completely different place than we were at the beginning of the day.  If you haven’t looked at our site since class yesterday, you should—there have already been many changes and additions to the content.  After meeting with Special Collections this afternoon, I think we all have a better sense of where we are going with our research and our site-building process.