Project Management/Software Development

Both Sarah Storti and Brandon Walsh thoroughly discussed principles and tips for project management and software development during their abridged lecture of these topics. Project management is something that should generally fall into place during the beginning stages of the project. Duties of each team member should align to their specific skill set. Given that our team has a wide base of talent, this was not a difficult concept. In under a week of working on our project, the team members could already see who would be doing what. With designated roles for each team member, creating a charter was smooth sailing. Each team member was able to comment on what they want to see in and gain from the project. Within the charter, our team declared goals for the project, core values of our teamwork, team management, and project administration. This concept of a charter is deemed necessary for success of a Digital Humanities project to guide the duties of each individual of the team as well as the project as a whole.

As a Computer Science major, I took particular interest into the brief introduction to various software development topics covered during today’s presentation. When creating a webpage, it is important to take notice of the visual appearance of the page. The colors should not be clashing with one-another. Rather, they should complement each other, improving the aesthetic function of the page. White space within a page is not necessarily a bad thing. In addition to the use of an appealing font, it improves the legibility and focus of the items of the page. A mix of function and visual appeal is the ideal composition of the webpage. The viewer should be able to recognize the organization of the page easily and know where a certain link or icon will take them within the site. This can be accomplished by focusing individually on each problem during the page’s inception. Drawing a physical representation of individual pages of the site improve the flow of ideas and easy comparison of ideas which improve the intuitive organization and aesthetics of the page.

Our team has naturally incorporated many of the discussed principles of today’s presentation. As stated above, our division of labor fell into place as we progressed in the project. After we discussed the kind of information we wanted to include in the project, we moved to organization of the website. The color of our logo blends well with the color of the menu bar to the front page of the site and offers compatibility with the black and white photos used in the slider. Important links such as “About the project” and “Blog” are placed in the navigation bar to give ease of access and clarity to the project. Though has also been put into the font used throughout the site as well as that used in the logo. We aim to continue this organization by adding information to the front page as well as others in an orderly and appealing manner.