Lee Chapel Charter


Developing skills: We hope to learn and become comfortable with WordPress, in addition to the various programs we will use for our project.  We would like to familiarize ourselves with 3D modeling, photogrammetry and text analysis and the Mapplication program.  We also want to experiment with writing in blog form as opposed to a more formal paper format.


Product: We want our end product to be user-friendly and easily accessible for the public.  We want to publicize new information about Lee Chapel that has not before been available to the outside world, thus creating a new understanding of it.  We expect that our audience will be the Washington and Lee community as a whole, namely the students, faculty, and alumni of the school.  We would like this project to be of use to future classes and research groups; in addition, we would like to see that this project is built upon by other future digital humanities students.


Outreach: We will create a Twitter account for our project in hopes of further publicizing and chronicling our work.  We will create a Twitter hashtag to go along with it.



Efficiency: We want all of our group meetings to be efficient.  We want to make the most of our time and get our work done quickly, all the while minimizing individual frustration caused by inefficient group work.


Accountability: We want to keep one another accountable for completing his/her work.  Thus, we will create a Google doc to keep track of tasks that have been and will be completed by each group member.  Each individual will update this document every other day, or whenever contributions to the project have been made, to communicate his/her work progress to the rest of the group.



While every group member will contribute to each part of the project, each individual will be responsible for a certain part of our work.


Ulemj Enkhbold: Social Media, Special Collections

Ryan Grant: Website Design

Nicole Porter: Writing, Secretary

Hollis Tardy: Project Manager, Website Design ideas