Cool Tools

I definitely could have written up a solid paragraph about Lenny…

Aside from the fact that I’m taking a 3D printing course in fall term and that I love video games, 3D models are still the coolest things ever.  I’m familiar with a lot of computer technology and I still can’t wrap my head around how these programs managed to combine these pictures together without having to either use set angles and distances or entering in every little bit of data.  It took us around an hour today to process the model out of our images, but we only needed to upload the photos and the program did all of the work for us.  I think photogrammetry really brings something extra to our project.  For people who’ve never seen the chapel, they can easily explore it in good detail and really understand what it looks like.  We are still unsure of whether or not the full chapel itself will be modeled, but at the very least, we should be able to publish our highly textured model of recumbent Lee.  These will still need to be accompanied by some sort of text or curation, but if we are moving to a post-verbal future, this is most definitely it.

One of the programs I found on Bamboo DiRT called VisualEyes really stood out.  It offers up both timeline and graphical organization.  One of the examples on the site was an aerial view timeline with a magnifying glass you could drag around to see what it was like in 1940.  There’s also a neat circular timeline with letters regarding William Short posted around.  There are also different lines including slave labor, rebellion, and colonization that run around and go up and down during different years.  Basically, it impresses me by throwing a lot of information around, but in a presentable and very easy to read manner.  We already have a timeline started for our project which I think could be a big component in the end.  We’re using a pretty basic timeline display program that has pelnty of room for improvement.  Although we don’t have much time left and are starting to sacrifice small extra touches in place of getting essentials done, something like VisualEyes could still make it into our project.  Since the timeline is a vital part of getting to know the history of Lee Chapel and giving an idea of when things happened, a good looking timeline is still important.  The only downside I see to using this is that it may be too difficult to learn to use with the time remaining.  Even so, it’s something we will look into as it is much better looking and presents the information clearly whereas our current setup lacks usability, simplicity, and cleanliness.