Lab 1: Exploring Your Digital Presence and Digital Humanities

In this lab, you will explore your digital presence and the scope of digital humanities.

Being a Good “Searcher”

Being able to search the Internet for information you want is an important skill.  What is your approach to finding information?

What is Your Digital Identity?

Have you ever looked up your name in a Web search?  Well, if you haven’t, you will today!

Search for your name using at least two different search engines.  If you have trouble finding yourself, how can you refine your query?  (We’ll talk more about this tomorrow; for now, we’re just practicing your search skills.)

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities is hard to understand because its scope is so wide.  In this course, you are introduced to the digital humanities and will design and create your own digital humanities project.  To help you learn more about the scope of digital humanities, you will

  1. Search for DH projects on lines.  Some links to get you started: MITHIATHcenternet, Generally Digital.
  2. Make a new WordPress page with the DH projects you found.
    Categorize/organize the projects on your page.

Twitter Account

  1. Create your own Twitter account.
  2. Tweet about the DH course, using the hashtag #wludh
  3. Email us with your Twitter handle so that we can follow you.