Preliminary Implementation and Analysis

These deliverables are meant to give you an intermediate deadline to help you with the “evaluate” step in the iterative design process.  Of course, you’re evaluating on nearly a daily basis.  This is the “big”/macro evaluation point.  18% of course grade.

Preliminary Implementation

Collection of data; implementation of data mining approach; creation of preliminary results.

Preliminary Analysis

Analysis of preliminary results; thoughts on answers to research questions; decisions about refinements necessary for final implementation.

Submission Writeup

For these deliverables, write a 1-2-page summary that addresses the questions posed below.  Post your summaries on the course web page as a blog post and send your instructors a Word document via email.

On the preliminary implementation:

  • Recall: What are your research questions?
  • What data have you collected to answer your research questions?
  • What tools have you chosen to analyze the data (to answer your research questions)?
  • What preliminary results have you generated?

On the preliminary analysis:

  • What are your preliminary answers to your research questions?
  • Review your hypotheses.  Do they need to be refined?  Do you need to change the scope?  Break them down more?
  • What do you need to accomplish for the final implementation and analysis?
  • What questions do you have?