We have a packed schedule that is evolving!  It is subject to change.

Week 1

Day Topic Lab Assignments
M 21 Apr
  • Blog Entry: What are the Digital Humanities? Give an example of how you could apply what you learned today to a humanities course you have taken in the past? Which DH project that you viewed today did you find most compelling and why? (Due: 12:01 AM on 22 April)
  • Read: Emerging Methods and Genres (D_H)
  • View: The Machine is Us/ing US
T 22 Apr
  • Emerging Methods and Genres (D_H)
  • Project overview, introduction
  • Day 2 Slides
Team project meeting: decide on two project ideas for discussion at Scholars Lab.
R 24 Apr Scholars Lab Visit Day

  • see lab projects
  • DH project cycle
Project design jam, presentations Blog Entry:  What is DH?  Revise your definition.  Write a two-paragraph reflection on the Design Jam at UVA.  What did you learn?  Were your ideas feasible?  Were you able to hone your design ideas?  Were you able to sharpen your research questions?  (Due: 12:01 AM on 25 April)Read: The Social Life of the Digital Humanities (D_H)
F 25 Apr Customize your WordPress site — create at least one page, apply a theme.  (For Monday)

Week 2

Day Topic Lab Assignment
M 28 Apr Sarah Storti and Brandon Walsh: Project Management and
Software Development
  • Design Jam Follow up
  • Project Brainstorming
Blog Entry: Write a three-paragraph reflection on today’s project management discussion.  Discuss specifically where you can or already have incorporated the principles presented today in your group dynamic.  (Due: 12:01 AM on 29 April)
T 29 Apr In IQ Center – Ed Triplett – 3D modeling In IQ Center – 3D modeling and photogrammetry
R 1 May Intro to Mapplication; Intro to OCR quality No lab — pushed to Friday
F 2 May  Topic Modeling

Week 3

Day Topic Lab Assignment
M 5 May Tool Spotlight:

  • Blog Entry: Analyze two tools or techniques you have learned since the beginning of the course (one must be from Bamboo or DH Tools for Beginners).  What are their strengths and weaknesses and how might you incorporate them into your project?  (Due: 12:01 AM on 6 May)
  • Proposal rewrites (not charter rewrites) due by 5 PM on May 6.
T 6 May In M47 Blog entry: Speaker Evaluation
R 8 May
  • Discussion of remaining deliverables
  • 11 a.m. Creating a poster
Preliminary Implementation due
F 9 May M47 reserved for your use Preliminary Analysis due

Week 4

Day Topic Lab Assignment
M 12 May No morning class; instead: Jennifer Henel from the National Gallery 5:30-7:15 p.m. in Northen In M47
T 13 May In M47
W 14 May 7 p.m. – Presentations In M47
R 15 May  No class (because of last night’s presentations) Meet at 1 p.m.  Presentations – Dress professionally Poster Due
F 16 May Spring Fest: 12-2 p.m. – Present Posters, Demos Final Analysis, Implementation, Web presentation, Individual Post-project analysis due Saturday at 2 p.m.